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Cloverdale Cemetery ~ John B. Pearce ~ part of the Marion County Cemeteries of Oregon
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Pearce, John B.
LAST: Pearce FIRST: John MID: B.
BORN: 9 Apr 1856 DIED: 8 Aug 1872 BURIED: 
DEATH PLACE: Turner, Marion Co., Oregon
Name of father Ira Pearce
Maiden name of mother Mary Perrin
A Young Man Loses His Life
One of the most shocking accidents occurred about 11 miles southeast of Salem, it has been our duty to record for some time. The circumstances of the fatal accident are given as follows: Mr. Pierce [Pearce] and his son were engaged in hauling hay. The wagon had just returned from the field, and the half at the rear end of the rack had been unloaded. The young man, aged 18 years, jumped to the ground and started around the wagon; his father and brother, supposing that he was going to the house said nothing to him. He climbed upon the tongue of the wagon, reached up and caught hold of the pole, used to keep the load in, which had been thrown off at the other end. But upon attempting to climb up he slipped and fell between the horses, one of which was young and fiery and commenced kicking. This frightened the other horse, and they started to run, the wagon passing over the boys breast and stomach, and breaking his left arm in two places. He was immediately carried to the house and Dr. Carpenter sent for, but medical aid was of no avail. The poor boy suffered the most intense pain imaginable for two long hours, when he died. During his awful suffering he would throw his broken arm wildly around, never complaining of its hurting, only his stomach and breast, all the while praying and pleading to die. He was a quiet boy, the pride of a fond father, and the hope of a loving mother. So soon to fall the victim of a death as horrid and appalling. We know not the day nor the hour we may be called from earth, as death is life’s untagonist [antagonist].
Oregon Statesman 13 Aug 1872
John B. Pearce [south face of monument]
Apr. 9, 1856 [east face of monument]
Aug. 8, 1872 [west face of monument]
Weep not father and mother
For me
For I am waiting in glory
For thee. [south face of monument]
OS 13 Aug 1872
SPACE: 2-1-4  

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