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Halls Ferry, 1906
Halls Ferry, 1906
Courtesy - Salem (Oregon) Public Library Historic Photograph Collections.

Halls Ferry Railroad Station, 1913
Halls Ferry Railroad Station, 1913
Courtesy - Salem (Oregon) Public Library Historic Photograph Collections.


Leabo’s Ferry

c.1868-1884: The ferry was started by Isaac Leabo during or before 1868 and sold to Benjamin Franklin Hall in 1884 (102) (108), although another source (129:6/21/56) places 1882 as the sale date and Noah Leabo as the founder.

Hall’s Ferry

1884-1902: In 1884, Mr. Benjamin Franklin Hall purchased the ferry from Isaac Leabo and operated it for 18 yrs. B F Hall started the village of Croston on the East shore of the Willamette River near the ferry landing. This village had a store and Post Office and was serviced by a stagecoach line operating between Salem and Monmouth. There is a marker showing the Halls Ferry landing site about two miles south of what is now the community of Roberts. (The marker is best seen from the river). B. F. Hall’s father, Reason B Hall founded Buena Vista and established a ferry there in 1852. (108:"An interview with B F Hall", 1938)

Pettyjohn’s Ferry

1902-1913: Mr. W. Pettyjohn purchased the ferry from B.F. Hall and catered to the vanishing horse and buggy trade only. He adopted a policy of "no autos allowed" on his ferry because they made too much noise and frighten the horses. Because of this decision and the deteriorating condition of the road leading to his ferry, Mr. Pettyjohn’s ferry was by-passed by the up-coming age of the automobile. (1929 Metsker Map of Marion Co) (29:1/21/56)

Croisan’s Ferry

1913-c1929: Mr. Edward (Ed) Croisan apparently purchased the Pettyjohn ferry in 1913 as evidenced by a note on the back of a photo taken of the Railroad Station at "Halls Ferry" Station; "Photographer notes that the ferry service had recently become Ed Croisan’s property and he had raised the fare from $.25 to $.50, September 13, 1913". (Photo ID: BHP 0290, Bush House and Salem Art Association.) (129:1/21/56)

Note: The end date of the ferry is uncertain, but the Polk and Marion County Metsker Map of 1929 still show a ferry at this location near the "W Pettyjohn" property.

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108 “An Interview with B F Hall”, Nov.14, 1938, Polk County Historical Society

Information provided by: "Oregon Ferries: A History of the Ferries on Oregon's Major Waterways Since 1826"
By Chuck Query


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